Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Anyone Else as Overwhelmed As I Am?

A new year. Fresh starts. New beginnings. I love it. In theory, that is. But evaluating last year, figuring out which direction to go this brain hurts already. I've opened new shops at Artfire and Shop Handmade. I have my stuff at Etsy and my mother-in-law's shop there too. I have a Bonanzle shop also to sell the garage sale type stuff I used to sell at Ebay. I still sell at Ebay sometimes. My husband just opened a shop at Bonanzle to help get rid of construction related items, old hardware, etc... that are too good for the landfill. He doesn't have time for I do that too.
And then Auctiva is opening stores in January. Should I do one of those? If so, which other shop should I give up? Have I given them enough of a chance?
Well, I'm just rambling. I haven't blogged in sooooo long and wasn't sure what to write about. My head is so full. So I need some concrete goals to put down here.
1) Blog more often.
2) Blog more meaningfully.
3)Focus efforts. Work smarter, not harder!
4) Promote.
5) Focus on great customer service! Get repeat customers.
6) Clear out clutter!
7) Go to bed earlier.
Good night!!


Beadin By The Sea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Vyeshi. I'm with you! I'm thinking of opening a shop on Artfire also. I have one at Etsy, ShopHandmade and 1000 Markets already! It's hard to know when to stop! I think after this year, we can reevaluate which ones work the best for us and then focus on just a few. Maybe that will help us with this feeling of being overwelmed?

Elizabeth said...

Great goals! Can I borrow yours?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can totally sympathize with you. I've been thinking about expanding our Etsy shop to other venues but my sister doesn't want to. Plus I handle my dad's ebay and mine...and his African Safari business. I swear it never ends! We will figure it out eventually, right?!

Memoirgirl said...

Wow. That is a lot of shops. I am curious what the benefit is - other than reaching the people who are loyal to each site.

I look forward to your posts, when you can find the time!!

Deer Path Vintage said...

Great New Year's resolutions, Vyeshi. Mind if I steal them? I'm too tired to think up my own. . .