Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Selling Buttons on Ebay

Well, as my button supply overfloweth, I thought I would also try to sell a few of my more collectible button finds on Ebay. And I learned a few things.
First, there are many button sellers on Ebay. Second, many/most of them are successful. This could definitely be a great niche.
However, my cool buttons didn't sell that well. I had a great blue celluloid button in the shape of a mum (see above) ...An identical one went for $12. Mine sold for $3. With one bid.
Another great buffed celluloid button. Didn't sell at all.

Here's what I think. I think button buyers on ebay are button collectors. You need to earn their trust. I'm selling all sorts of odds n ends on ebay. Knife blocks, kids books, silverware..etc..etc..Who am I? The button buyers will go back to the professional button stores/sellers who have shown they know what they're doing.
Well, I'm learning. And I've got lots of odds n ends I need to clear out and sell on Ebay. So I'm filing away the button niche idea. Maybe for the future. For now, I'll hang on to the Satsuma vintage buttons that I think are valuable...and sell my buttons slowly but surely on Etsy.

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