Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Collecting Bakelite

As you can see from some of my recent posts, collecting buttons has become somewhat of an interest. Okay, that's putting it too mildly. I'll bump that up to an obsession.
When I come across a button stash and make it my own, my first thought is, are there any Bakelite buttons in here? Bakelite is an early plastic and highly collectible in its many forms.
Bakelite was used widely for game pieces, billiard balls, phones, jewelry, buttons and more. The later development of other plastics makes it sometimes hard to tell at first glance if an object is made from Bakelite or not.
However there is a fairly simple test and I wrote about it here:

How to Tell if Your Vintage Buttons are Genuine Bakelite

This test should work on any Bakelite item, not just buttons!

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Bridget said...

Collecting Bakelite is fun. Thanks for the helpful hints in your article.