Monday, May 4, 2009

A Trip to See the Tulips

Last week my family together with some friends hit the Skagit County Tulip Festival in Washington State.

I got some great pictures which I'll make into greeting cards. I usually just share my cards with friends and family, but I also sell them online in my etsy store: fishboneimages.

Speaking of this store, I don't give it enough attention. I don't know why I have a hard time promoting my creations...but have no problem talking about the supplies I sell. Lack of confidence I guess. I'll have to work on that!

So, enjoy some tulips and think spring!


jen said...

Wow! gorgeous shots! great blog, thanks for visiting mine!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

Pretty Whimsical said...

Nice pictures! I love the pink tulips! Enjoying your blog.

Vyeshi said...

Thanks everyone! I promise to try to be a better blogger!! :)