Thursday, June 11, 2009

Auctiva Changes Its Mind
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So, I still do occasionally sell on Ebay. I do consignments for friends and sometimes there are items I need to move quickly. Not completely thrilled with the rise in fees and such, but what can you do?
I had been using Auctiva to list my items. Free photos, nice templates, a scrolling gallery and a way to track my consignors. Or is that consignees? I never remember.
Well they recently lost some affiliate income they were receiving from Ebay, so could no longer offer their services for free. They introduced a very complex fee structure that got everyone up in arms. (they better change their logo above!!)
I went ahead and switched to Seller Sourcebook. They were offering a 10% discount to "Auctiva Refugees". They had a flat fee per month. Sounded great. It was okay, I'm sure I just needed to get used to it. It was pretty slow..but I was starting all over.
Then I read today that Auctiva changed its mind!! They decided to go with a flat rate system!! YAY!
You can read what Jeff Schlicht, CEO of the Auctiva Corporation wrote here.
I switched back over, hoping to give them another chance...and hoping fees won't go up in a year or sooner! I like my fast listing.
You can sign up for faster and cheaper ebay listing here

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