Monday, October 6, 2008

my first post!

Well, here I am! After planning on doing this for awhile, I've finally set some time aside. There's been a lot of advice from the Etsy forums to get out there and start blogging!

I have had a blog before, but I think I abandoned it after 2 or 3 posts. But I think this could actually be kind of fun now.

I'm now a SAHM (not that that gives me more time to blog...) but I am trying to build a SAHB (stay at home business) selling things on etsy and ebay.

Having had some success on ebay, some months better than others, I decided to carve a niche for myself on etsy. I like their community and I love checking out everyone's artwork. People's talent is amazing.

I have two etsy selling my original photo art greeting cards...and the other selling vintage items and ephemera and assemblage art supplies. and

Anyway, i think I'll end this now and save some other topics for another day!!

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